Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Real Deal "Truth or Lie"

The Pro and the Con - Get The Real Deal "Truth or Lie"
We will give you the Right and Together we can correct the Wrong!
Sharing the things that Effect and Affect our way of Life through Politics, Economics, Law, Education. You say Ic I'm just trying to keep my JOB, as long as it don't effect me I'm going to leave it alone.

White People, Black People, American First People "We Need To Wake Up"
Religion has got folks blinded,people have gotten themselves all choke up and going on home to Jesus! Jesus said Greater works shall you do.

America's gone crazy for Sex, Madison ave sells commericialism and we're so caught up in consumerism. Folks - Peoples - Americans, let us come too our senses and get a grip, get balance in our lives and our habits of spending.
War is not the answer we learn that in 1972 Marvin Gaye sung us to a prophesy, we played and we had a handle on your land, my land, our land. May we be granted the sense and compassion to correct our errors which will hurt our Nation.
We need to have escapes from reality. That's where there's Entertainment and how it effects and affects our role. Blacks Folks, White Folks all us Folks who are American must get up off our rusty dusties and do somethen progressive to the positive. That's going to make a positive change. Let us always aspire to the positive. We must never Labor in the negative. All the Holy Books testify in the Positive - In Good Faith Our Republic will withstand the tierany of the Greed and Power Mongers. We must not allow the rich and those who are in power destroy the positive things within our History. We must collectively allow them to destroy themselves through their own wicked attitudes and actions. That's the Whole 9 Yards. Expose the Lie's from the Right or the Left. Seek Truth and the Oracles that expose Lies and Deception. Peace!

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