Friday, November 18, 2005

"Codifier's What Are They?"

What is a Codifier?

Codify: To arrange laws etc. into a code. Who does this code apply too?
What is the code for? - When is the code used? -Where is the code used?- How does the code Work? - Why is there a code?

All of these questions should be asked by All American's. Black (African Americans), Native Americans, White (European Descendents) and all other Ethnicites, and people who claimed to be an American.
Whether you are working, retired, in business or unemployed. Unless we unite under a banner of American Nationalism America as I know it will be no more. "The handwriting is on the wall." "The proof is in the pudding." If you are a working or a business owner, you know that you are working longer hours with the same amount of pay you made 10 years ago. Would you like more information on how to combat this dilemma? Send your thoughts and request for the excerpts on War on Corporate and Government Dominance Against the American Way of Life. to POB 111377 - Tacoma,WA 98411 or email

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