Monday, December 19, 2005

Destination (POLITICS) GET IN IT

DestinyWatchNW ( Politics) Thursday, December 22, 2005

The King County Executive did a Pro Active Move towards streamlining the way folks vote in King Count will it help turn the dismal numbers of people hope vote around. "Time Will Tell."
You have it to hand it to the King County Executive Ron Sims, for being proActive with the recent change in the way King County voters are able to cast their votes. The recent move for the County to do all mail balloting is a bellweather. Of course there will be nay sayer's and people who think that its a bad move. Along with this move the Executive has also set up a handful of polling places for folks who like that personal touch. This bold move is applicable in this day and age and he is to be commended for setting a model for the rest of our Counties within our State. "What's Your Take?" Being able to vote by mail a positive or a negative? Are you more apt to vote now being that you can do it by mail? Also what are some of the down falls with this type of arrangement? Sound Out, Your comments are always appreciated.

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