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BLINDFAITH "Will Get You Dead!" series

Happy New Year to you one and all. 365 days have past and the world as we know it, is also passing. Passing into our History, we have traditions and values that have been past down and it is My (our) quest to hold on and attempt to capture the value of them for the next generation; for the sake of knowing versus the unknown. Recently I was watching SistaGirl and she presented a Book by the title the Known World which actually won a Pulitzer Price. "Its a read so check it out. Back to the question: How important is History? This question is not really a question it is a reason to understand the Why? The why brings forth Purpose, purpose is a beautiful thing whether it is for good or for bad, the positive or the negative, the Yin or Yang, the right and Wrong of an adjective. Person, place or Thing. The purpose of a thing is not always known and that is the main ideal or importance of History. To not repeat the pass errors or mistakes. Our Ancestors have left us a History to understand and benefit from their mistakes. Please excuse me for a moment as I take a short trail of History.

When Pope Urban the 2nd Ordered up his Legions in the Name of Christian Mysticism, the era of the Councils who were also able to isolate and control the World as it - were in that day. (If I am not mistaken and my memory serve's me right it was around the 2nd Century.) 1545 - date to be confirmed} This twisted ideology born out this influence has come to and end and people must know the truth. (sidebar... For our guilded book of the Essene's have given our kind {ManKind} the truth set in what was once called the Vulgate. This translation set men into and era of descent and deception. Note! "Those who could read" Clearly factual history will set you free. The known pope was Pope Urban the 2nd and He wanted the History of Alexandria's Libraries destroyed for within these libraries contained the worlds ancient Afrikan Egyptian secrets that Alexander had stolen from the Soul's of the Ancients. Alexander create the Library for Knowledge. The Pope wanted to control the known World and its communications. Walter Williams in his Origin of Christianity outlines how Alexander's quest to become a god and how his successors continued in that same vain as the Ptolemaic Dynasties, all because of their quest to be a god's.
The Holy Bible is a planned historical piece of work and as we reveal the truth and the myths, allegories and social traditions that cloud the truth within this Book. Please read the Browder Files which will help you "Catch Your History " once the truth is practice and put into to place for all peoples of our land and those associated with our goals, laws and social behaviors the better off we all will be. more at a later date concerning " BLINDFAITH" Will Get You Dead!

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