Friday, May 11, 2007

The Negro League Why! this history within the America’s should never be forgotten. History forgotten is a disaster waiting to happen.
The occurrence has a 50/50 chance?
Somehow if the word is not heard the message will be lost.
" What ever your view all things must be done in harmony and peace."

The Negro history within the United States was a time of great hurt, hardship, and despair.
The despair could have and would have ruined the pluralism and freedom for all.
Thank God our Father and the Spirits of our Mothers for men/women who seen through the darkness and organized the US through manipulative factions.
Whether they be rich and famous or just plain ole’ task masters.

For instance there was a book written stating that the Egyptians paid the laborers to work on the Pyramids and temples. “not slaves” Like now for instance-you work because you don't want to be broke or poor. I believe we should insure that our young should know the history that enslaved their elders and ancesters. After all it is American history.

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