Friday, May 30, 2008

Call to Arms - heights in Mixed Use Centers (MUC)


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dateFri, May 30, 2008 at 4:25 AM
Subject Call to Arms - heights in Mixed Use Centers (MUC)
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Regardless of how you feel about this topic, and we have found that there are strong feelings all ways, it is important that the Planning Commission receive comments about a NEW proposal.

The original proposal, which has been seen in numerous community meetings is 45' in most MUC's with a possibility of a 20' add on for 'add-ons' that the developer would contribute (such as low income houses, visibility, public plazas, art, etc (for the full package visit the Planning Commission page on the City website:
then click on the various links)
There is a great PDF including computer modeling of what the 65' would look like if added to existing buildings, Proctor district is first, then MLK begins on page 35, click on the link below (the views in the Proctor images are better to see the impact of this height, so please don't skip them, especially the views from the alley, which start on Page 31, for neighborhoods that abut the MUC (such as Evergreen and 8th and I on the Hill, this gives you an idea of your view):

PC MUC Review 03-12-08.pdf Mon Apr 7 14:37:08 PDT 2008 11024k

Apparently, there were a number of comments (during the comment period) about heights up to 85', so by law the Commission has to open up the comment period again about that.

It is vital that WE get our voices in this topic. Please, would each of you send an email to the City Contacts below expressing your desires.
There are 13 MUC's, and at least one is already allowed those heights (Stadium) because of the existence of buildings that size now. Depending on which MUC you live by (and if you want to share comments for just your MUC, I'm sure you can) your opinions may vary, but for those of us on Hilltop, because our MUC is on the crest of the Hill, and because of our view of Mt. Rainier, we need input SOON.

If you have not yet sent a comment in, please do so now (or soon), especially about the possibility of 85'.
I am attaching three pics of the Proctor district images from the PDF listed above, one of the street and one of the alley (back 'neighborhood' view). Mind you, these show views with the set backs (where each additional floor is set back so you don't get a 'canyon' or 'wall' effect) included, so if you feel set backs should be required, please include that in your comments.
Note that:
Gold color represents floors 1-3
Orange = 4th floor
Blue = 5th and 6th floors
Thank you,

Staff contact:
Donna Stenger,, (253) 591-5210
Brian Boudet,, (253) 573-2389
Jeanie Peterson
Director of Community Initiatives
Hilltop Action Coalition
1224 S. I St.
Tacoma WA 98405
253-383-3056 ext 112
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