Thursday, May 22, 2008


A Poem A Day…may show you a way
I’m black I’m blue I’m in love with you.
From the moment of the dawn and the moist air turns to dew.
Is there anything as wonderful and pleasant than being with you?
I’m sure with this in mind and through the moments of time you also will find
What you need in the nick of the span and era of time.
So being black and sometimes blue means little because the love of you is brand new .

Destiny NW …is looking for young writer’s in age, spirit and mind. All interested parties that live or have an interest in the NW in general but especially in the Puget Sound Area “That would be (253), (206), (425) and a few other area codes, like 360.”
If you have an expertise or interest…?
Area’s of Expertise: Political of course…
Community of course…
Economic of course…please no MLM or like streams…”thanks!”
I am sure there are other areas of the PS, that can be talked about…but I personally want to know what makes for good community…do you know? Let’s hear it…please. Check out Destiny NW …your take… please no market promotions or free solicitation without affiliations. Peace and Love…especially love.
Consult Carter OptIn Vet_housing_Promo.htm
Or The Veterans No Hold Barred Report I
Can be retrieved from … Left side Below Video bar…

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