Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Every chance I get dealing with young people - 5 days a week. I address the word when it is used among their communications to one another. I just somewhat rudely interject, don’t use that word!!…“what would you do?” Go on comment ….

The thing that’s a trips me out is the majority of these young people…are unaware of the African Diaspora and the Black American experience.
Not to mention the trail of dead black bodies from the Ivory Coast to the Americas that people to seem to forget.
They only have a superficial awareness of our traditions, mores, and our struggle.

This survey was done last February. If the word is continued to be used as a term of endearment…the next thing we will be hearing from our children is “cracker please or spic you off.” Its amazing how the young folk of the day are using negative terms or language as a positive. I guess it can’t be any worst than identifying an individual who has a different sexual orientation. “as gay” Add to the Survey….below
50% of respondents say the "N" word should be banned25% of respondents say the "N" word should not be banned25% of respondents still hold mixed views
NEW YORK, NY, February 2, 2007 – BlackPlanet.com, the leading online social network for African Americans with over 15 million registered members, today reported the results of its ongoing survey of African Americans nationwide.The survey polled African Americans on New York City Council member Leroy Comrie's (D-27th District) call to ban the "N" word.

Nationwide Response:A survey was posted on BlackPlanet.com at approximately 11:15 a.m. this morning. Within 4 four hours, over 1000 BlackPlanet.com members had responded.

Majority Anti-"N" Word50% of respondents want the "N"; word banned, with 25% still unsure. Another 25% of respondents disagree with the resolution by Council member Comrie.

The Results as of 3:30 P.M.On the first day of Black History Month, Queens, New York Council member Leroy Comrie introduced a resolution to ban the "N" word. Do you agree with the resolution?

Yes. 50%
No. 25%
Not sure. 25%
Total Responses: 1,007

What’s your take as an African American (Black) or other ethnic person?”

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About BlackPlanet.comBlackPlanet.com is the groundbreaking online community for African Americans and one of the very first online social networking properties to emerge. Experiencing exponential growth in its first year, it remains a significant contemporary voice for the African American community, with more than 15 million registered members. BlackPlanet.com enables members to create member profiles, explore and stay current on relevant news and information and cultivate meaningful personal and professional relationships.

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