Saturday, June 07, 2008


…how else can you explain it?
I just got finish listening to the Dr. Phil Show, not that he needs any publicity. I was in awe about these two people who were in love. Being childish over a relationship.
He could not believe it himself I heard him say. That he was even having a conversation such as it was…it was…Crazy…crazy, just plain stupid. I don’t know any other way to say it. Especially on national TV. (My words) How disjointed is the American psychic What’s the consistency of this type of mindset or thinking?
Clearly, this is an example of two people that have a physical and psychological imbalance…is this an anomaly… I’m not a psychologist nor am I a philosopher

If this type of interaction - on relation is wide spread over 75% of our demographic regions as a people we need a lot of healing. If all the indicators show more things that are broke in our social, spiritual and economic well being as a nation.
We need not only a change, we need to fast, meditate and put into action. Collectively, we have the power one person at a time. We can participate in what we can do. “If it’s all we can do.” The power of experiential synergy will work… all we have to do is believe. With fasting, you experience a euphoric sense and a power over denial of a noun. (person, place or thing) “I believe it can help in self discipline,”
After Dr. Phil heard all he could hear, he brought forth a simple solution for both parties. A Lawn Mower and a Digital Camera. Phew… that was easy another show bites the dust. “I guess that’s what some folks do.”
The moral of this story…there is a fix… someone just has to do it. And if your reading this…well that someone may be you, it may be me, it may be us.

I guess that’s what some folks do.
Don’t have time to kill, ___ my nation has an appeal _____ “You say!”
The bluster of the past can lay down and die and kiss my _____ time oh’ yes shall serve us, to repeat not the past,
You know I guess that’s what some folks do.
Don’t have the time to chill, ___ my nation has an appeal_____ “You__you, you say…aaaay”
Let’s not let it be, remember who we are with our lady liberty _____ time oh’ yes shall serve us, to repeat not the past and the devil can kiss my ___ “love, love, love comes in many ways” Cause that’s what some folks do!

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