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Through My Grandfather's Eyes...

Blackman wait… pt1-
Through my grandfathers eyes
BLACKMAN WAIT…I remember my elusive grandfather giving me advise…boy you better learn how to have more patience in this world…

note:** footnote Napoleon Hill THE DOOR TO THE TEMPLE OF WISDOM. Would it be abnormal for grandfather to talk and advise you now today…is it a form of communication that has been lost? Necromancy(Talking to the Dead).

[**Some would think and deny the power of consulting the dead for advise. My words may seem harsh , but I say why not? [What does the Bible Say?] It forbids it “When you can no longer question beyond your faith then you fear the creative force that birth you. The truth can always hold scrutiny

Napoleon Hill gave this practice recognition in his book…[Think & Grow Rich] ISBN 0-449-21492-3] Chapter 13 The Sixth Sense, “The door to the temple of wisdom”] Is this practice acknowledging or giving credence to the devil?

Have we lost our virtues as a people and as a nation…has the wisdom of our elders, ancients and prophets been toss to the wind?

Is Gangster Love the only Love? Love is Love! Sometimes you get it where you can...

In the 1950’s Black Americans stayed married and in a lot of cases they should have not stayed together. Today we are quick to call it quits. Has the age of commercialism corrupted the virtues, traditions of our oral and rich culture.
Or are we using them in ways that we haven’t even realized yet? - personally our sixth sense has yet to get engaged.

"What Does The Bible Say?" It forbids it...

Why?… Is it a result of the sheep going to slaughter? …is it the lack of education, or is it the lack of parenting? I received a quote in regards to young people and it went like this …the only thing young people need today is more adult (positive) interaction.

("I agree that's why I'm in education")

If nothing else this can be a National Goal more positive programs
in training up our youth who don't have fathers or grandfathers.

Many of us within this nation have lost the ways and the things that make us great. We possess the greatest nation within us and that is the imagination.
Young people need and expect to be questioned. Otherwise the thrill of doing what you should not be doing loses its thrill. At least that’s how I felt…so it’s the right thing to do. Pry into what they are doing, inquire about their life...and do you used your traditions in building the positives.

Train up a child in the way he/she may go, and when they grown old they won’t depart from it.
Idol time is the devils workshop…Now these are parables that are within our culture, a rich oral compilation within our tradition woven and connected with a golden thread called the power of the word.

"Do you honor and give reason to practice your traditions, mores and family history?"
When the noted author and Black American Dr. Maulana Karanga, an educator and political activist and cultural philosopher for African American culture provided a positive though of action with the Nguzo Saba and the guiding princibles associated with the practice and celebration of KWANZAA. Link to Black Studies...
Many people believe that this practice takes away from our roots or things
that make us American, Black American... I on the otherhand believe that its a
part of our American history and should be celebrated, acknowledged and heard...

You have them within you…you have also repeated them to your own children…I labored 9 months with you boy and I’ll take you away from here…you working on my last nerve...and so on... these saying's have truth and wisdom that build towards what you want and what you say.

Many days have past since I can remember the stories of my grandfathers and their they would show me or give me a saying (idiom) or a word, a thought for the wise.

Not knowing or having any idea what the hell they were talking about...
Even after they were long gone… and I just heard these stories and these pearls of wisdom... I also had the privilege of knowing more about them personally through these stories. You don’t honor that history until its gone. Then you realize how blessed you

To spread the word and the power associated with the written word and our oral traditional sayings.

Through my Grandfathers eyes the understandings and the relevant things that kept me straight. The lessons the cruelty, the pain of lost. Each one reaching for a star, a dream, a vision, a song unsung.

“Yet the graveyarda are full of books, vision, dreams, songs, history, injustice.”
Yet revelation still comes.
What was cool or not cool about your Grandfather?

Comment: Through My Grandfathers Eyes - Dedicated to the oral history and relevant experience of Black American Grandfathers. Circa 2008

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