Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blackman wait… pt3- Our Constitution Rocks!

As some of you know I have moved from the West coast to the East coast. I have arrived safely…and thank you for your prayers. I made notes and the drive was quite informative. Notes Later
I have a house to rehab
about 10 rooms estimated 1650 -1700 sq ft
A new 2 yr. contract with a major employer
So things are good and I hope you can contribute too Through my Grandfather’s Eyes… By expressing some of the things your Grandfather said or did...
Lov-yah! Here’s some pictures of Irma… PS ...also the 4th of July Poem "Our Constitution Rocks" Blackman wait… pt3-
Through my grandfather’s eyes…
Our Constitution Rocks
Only if the people who have it can rock it.
Its yours, its mine there’s freedom
In this rhyme…
Because… cause is the time and the time is now
To let our spirit shine, shine on with glee for the
Lady Liberty, because our Constitution rocks…
Only if we rock it?
Love, love, love the US of A
Copyright ©2008 Carter Irvin
As we collectively gather together within our spheres of influence, friends, family and others. Let us give thanks to the blessing that our fathers, white, black, to include our first nation fathers. Whose land it was we now call the United States…and of course all the other ethnic, culture, groups who have been grafted into our clothe of liberty, may freedom and justice always prevail. America is alive with a Constitution that rocks…Only if we (work) rock it.
I agree that our land is far from perfect and the things that have been done have not always been in the interest of our people, or our brothers throughout the world…let us …Thank God, that we have a process that still works even with its many problems.
Although there is still confusion about the inner workings of the Electoral College…
Note! (Although we do have control over our cities, towns, townships,
County and state government process…if we are involved.
In our States there is no electoral college, one man, one vote.) “That's Our Collective Power” If Politicians are not doing their job. "Yes We Can Throw The Bums Out"...anyway the EC and how it operates is still a mystery… at least it’s a mystery to me…maybe you...Can clear it up?
“How much do you KNOW about the Electoral College?”

If the US Constitution, represents the American people and their collective ideals and the Government represents the people of the United States. Who’s left out?
The Government is elected by the American people to represent and lobby for them, their State and our collective and national needs.
It is imperative that you know your constitution the United States Constitution...if you Rocks! “Only if you rock it! “So get up off your rusty dusty and work it…”
HAPPY 4TH of July - Independence is more than just (1) one dimension… Luv-yah!

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