Thursday, July 17, 2008

Politics McCain's VP

Check this out the GOP machine is advertising a litmus to see what choices the party folks want. Uhmm that’s interesting…

What’s so interesting is the GOP is in a quandary.

Some how or another people will realize that the party of Lincoln and the John Birch Society along with the Neo Cons, Progressives and Conservatives are in trouble.

Maybe they should ask Madam Secretary of State to fill the ticket. Black and Female, that's what they have been doing in Corporate America...
Might not be such a bad idea.

She has proven to be a loyal soldier. All of this may sound a little bit on the conspiracy side of things but there is a lot of calm NOW! "I wonder how soon it will take for the storms to come?"

As far as the DNC and the Obama camp I wonder if they may still be considering the NY Mayor? for Obama's VP. (Excellent Choice)

Not sure how many people got the scoop on the Green Parties nominees Pres and VP both females. The timing to me seems a little suspicious...

Brother’s and Sista’s we have to step up and do all we can to insure that Barack is elected.

As you all know I have no degree in prophetic prophesy.

That’s my 2cents…Luv-yah!
Share yours ...Please and thank you!

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