Friday, January 23, 2009

The Prez "...What I Like "

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Let's try this... Tip for the day!
day 23

Here is a slam ...and jousting with the Republicans...the creators and mainly the people who thrive and capitalize on divide them “we win”.

This mindset will keep the creators and conspirators[saboteurs] in control of the Republic... the U.S., United States which if are not synonmous should be however there is a difference... history shows and proves to us there is a difference and
that difference would make a difference in your life, community
if you're aware and informed. [Education, reading, research histories wealth]

note! Reference Dr. Carter Woodson our Father of Black American History whether he ever actually envisioned. That one day we would be closer to the ideals of our National Creeds...

One American History Land of Many, land of plenty we are one.
Out of many we are spirit, in mind, and purpose.

At one time it would be and ideal for a young entrepreneur, who possessed above average skills. In learning and development with natural approached based on facts. These students would be and should be ideal candidates for a nation, state supply of our... teachers, motivators, prophet's. Our teachers are the people will challege us to grow in the positive od a natural development. Motivators will encorage us to stay on point. Purpose with goals to excell in learning and life balance. Yen / Yang and so forth. Our Prophets should understand our woes and heal our land with vision and purpose in zinc with Father Universe and Mother World. DeSent is healthy for a nation who is informed and educated to destiny and higher order thing. Presented by Senga and others who sow positive affirmations. [a prophet are those who live my giving wise council to his/her community. Usually when they become older.]

Personally, I have found that those who live in zinc with the world are the prophets who divide the circle 360 degrees..." no ifs ands or buts.

" When this happens a energy and synergistic vortex forms." So the question is this What happens when you can tap into this a balanced spirit of harmony... you get strength!

Which works for people who get involved [Nation, State and County Gov] there is no spin. the Added bonus' include Pluralism! Sovereignty! Unity!

Here's a thought! If America becomes divided it will fall;

what... President Obama is displaying is a Constitution at work...the U.S. Can't go down like this if somehow the void be filled. The Prayer's of our land I believe have been answer a man of honor and intgrity has hit the scene.

American's have not had a people's President in a long time.

Folks here is a display of a man who has put the White House back into the hands of the American people.

This is only day 3...Tip of the Day...

day 24 count down day 4. Lighter

Tip! ...a merry heart doit good like medicine... Book of Proverbs.

Also ... A Spin on- “I Can Do What Ever I Like” Its a video and may or may not work here but I think it opens to a little fun, so lighten up.

You only come this way once.

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