Friday, January 23, 2009

My Sincere Thanks, and Congratulations. . .

New World ...its a view. To the America We Can Be and Will be.

Poems in Motion…

As the tears come to my eyes...for a man who has built a bridge right before our eyes. Coming from the land of us all...tried and true with roots of Kansas and Aloha standing tall.

Embraced Chi town known as the Windy as well, went to organizing and raising hell, fell in love a credit to his hue.

Check it out! ... that's not all that was set in motion to do. Mant say a prayer of urgency was set into place and thank God almighty Obama filled the space ...taking a stand on truth not just tripe, sanctioned in poise and filled with grace, smooth and cool not neccesarily uptight.

Bringing our foundation to bare the truth of its creed, giving it back too its people... instead of to the folks who represent a Corporate charlottarian greed.

Armed with arrows of a Constitutional form steeped in history that has proven to weather a storm. Reflect back on history when 56 men who wanted to maintain their wealth dressed up with paint an animal skins'. They were ...

United in for a cause a fervor for justice, freedom and a Bill of Rights, this struggle was not always perfect or true... but somehow Washington got the clue... He knew a King could not stand a test of time. So he and others elected first... a form so true and US gave birth to the red, white and blue.

Our nation prospered under this [our] leadership and the power it [we] held over its [our] subjects, even those 3/5 classified; a benefit and an a testament to our health, wealth and prosperity, truly this was not true liberty.

We kept this pace till 1863 and a man named Lincoln put forth a plan. and Negros thought Moses had come with a jubilee... based on grace; wisdom and time; a changed America, America had a change in mind.

So much has occurred over the years as you can see and Wilson, turned it upside down, some would say... selling out the U.S. for Federal not so Reserved for a common cause; many thought it upserb. This Nation was tested and given a crown, insuring that our land would survive and stay around.

FDR had it partly right, eradicating a man made famine, joblessness and mental blight. Truman stumble in and took up the mantel gave recognition to a mindset of might! It almost wipe out a Nation to prove America's was right, a strange change had come.

In 54' there was a another knock at the US Justices of the land the Supreme Law of the American man. Thurgood Marshall put it down. Separate but equal a dream not true a known lie inflicted and subjugated on a people all shade some darker than blue.

Then there was Ike, putting in structure of roads, bridges and warned a few... followed by Kennedy, Robert and Martin we know... Malcolm was also there with a dream not true. Telling a story about Big Red and a street hustle not new... America paid attention and a bill came due.

America didn't realized what it had to do, sweating out to powers cloak in lie against our united liberty ...with that Charlotte-tonian mindset at a peoples' expense.

Somehow we gathered our fears and grabbed hope again realizing we've been had so now the healing can begin.

To give thanks to our Fathers' who set the course knowing the pitfalls of Liberty and the sacrifices we've all endured. Its our,.. humanity, its a price we all must pay to our land and lady Liberty... she reigns, she reigns true; its our very own red, white and blue.

So the tears come from my heart with a joy, for a time as this... receiving, the smiles of our elders, sipping tea and sharing bliss... All the while, giving thanks, "once again for pomp and style." America Elder's I See Them Smile


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