Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Freedom Is Not Free.

'Freedom is not free. Few people know that more than the men and women who have risked their lives to ensure our way of life, Nation and Traditions.' Our United States Constitution and Bill Rights
'Data, facts, and witness' show this to be a strategic design (Of Sorts) to control the people and their resources' Only a fool or a power contagious spirit would deny that the world belongs to the people ...history, data, and our genetic code.... say so.' IT”S A FACT We are One Race the Human Race!
THIS STATEMENT IS TRUE. “There is a price on freedom its a price that we have given either freely, sub-consciously or blindly all of us have paid directly or in-directly for this freedom.”
We have all sacrificed and gave of ourselves, love-ones whether; male or female, whether black or white, rich or poor. Our nation is rich in tradition... good, bad or indifferent. We are what we are... a product of our environment. Knowingly or unaware the measurement of our difference is not substantial, it is not a means of rational to say one person gets or has more than the other.
In the historical sense or view. Truly we can say we have done some wrongs and we have done some good. You can almost equate it to the History of Civilization like the Incas, Mayans and other tribes on our planet who once engaged in sacrifice, to include tribal factions and a mindset of conquer or be conquered. This conquest for power and dominance based on a fiat or monetary system must change before we fall into an abyss of doom. For the sake of this mindset and truth as we have believe this to be true, discover that there is and alternative. The system and the way we have practice living is past.
It is imperative that we have a paradigm shift from the corporate dominance of the world to a mindset of using the worlds assets and resources to heal our planet. I say, and I hope that many will see the light and the truth as I see and have learned. I believe that... it is such a time as this! To spread the word of truth no matter the opposition. “Even Our Own Mind”
To understand that life is not to conform to the limits of a system especially if that system is broke'. There is no need to place or categorize people in a classification there is light, there is and alternative.
I can hear so vividly one of my teachers say, simply with truth and conviction. 'Is it the smart thing and is it the right thing.' It is imperative to come out of the bowels of darkness and fear the men, woman and leaders of our Nation and this planet ...unless we change our system of world interaction Armageddon is inevitable.
THE HAND WRITING IS ON THE WALL...and it is our responsibility to do the right thing and the smart thing. Get a witness become a witness. 'Know the truth'... the days of superstition and power will continue to box us all in a place in our minds that is based on myth, allegories and folklore.
Turn From A Dogmatic Doctrine 'REPENT'
A Dogmatic Doctrine. Our responsibility is to do everything in our collective sphere of influence to correct or help our Family, Nation and Our World (Planet). We do have an alternative! “Seek and Ye Shall Find...Knock and the Door Will Open. Read about the Global Movement to Save Our Selves From Doom and Evil Dominance of the World and its' Guardian, Adversaries and the like. Http://
Pray for Unity, Pray for Understanding, Hear the Word of Truth and a Doctrine and Mindset of Harmony and Oneness for our Race. 'The Human Race'
. 'For said of doing nothing it is all that I can do.' Except tell it on the mountain top. To inform and spread the NEWS to the 4 corners of our planet. Father Universe, Mother World light my path with understanding, action, strength, fortitude, stamina, peace and harmony always!
“Unless a you can see or have ...a ” (significant emotion event) nothing will change. Bare witness to an alternative in thinking and creating a world of harmony and peace, there lies our strength.
1) “How do I start”
2) Draw a circle
3) Jump into the circle
4) Start in the circle
5) Eat the elephant one bite at a time...As simple as this sounds get educated get informed know the factors that cause division and divisiveness. This divisiveness is in our family, our neighborhood, our cities, and nation... See the video that will help you to understand, become resolved and resolute in your well being. Understand your limitation, understand your role. Link in get informed.

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