Thursday, October 29, 2009

'Obama's Policies and the Executive ?

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Ok! What's with all the hype and pro-certive attack' on the Present Executive Administration.


1)Are People dissatisfied with the way the Government is headed or are they Confused?
2)One Team is Positive and Optimistic The # Two Team is Negative and Pessimistic
3)Those who are Pessimistic maybe the Status quo The Positive's have Experiential Optimism


JOURNALIST and OP ED, Blogs and AnWa can comment.
I personally have received a few dis-hearting communication venues spouting off. Is democracy going to work or are American's finely [after the last 40 years]becoming accountable. This will remain to be seen over time. However it is imperative to insure that you are a part of the American Solution and not Our collective problems.

The Three Federal Branches of our Government is important to keep abreast of HOWEVER...our power lies in the County Seats of our Townships, Burroughs, Hamlets and unincorporated spaces. Our Nation will only prosper when we are united states. Our makeup varies based on demographics, culture, traditions and so forth. We must not do the things that will distract these County seats from operating in a democratic , approach , format and agenda. This mindset will instill learning, liberty and justice for all. [even if that means supporting a belief that has or is a minority] Our State and County mores, traditions, politics and so on should mirror and improve support for the American Constitution and its Bill of Rights ...never must it be suppress such as been recorded throughout US History. With the 3/5 of a man and the formation of Jim Crow Laws and ordinances. America in Harmony brings Peace!

What Do You Want AMERICA To Be?

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