Thursday, December 17, 2009

Somebody Tell Tiger to Come out from behind the bushes

A Letter to TW

Somebody get to Tiger and advise him to have a press conference. “And let it all come out. Would it be a shame to do that...” Of course there are pros and there are cons.
The bulk of the situation why row against the waves, follow the river flow.
He could surround his self with his friends and family.
Open it up for the Media ...Give them 50 minutes, once you have everything in control. “then make the announcement” to the press Not unless you like the attention

Come back in 72 hours with a no holds bar with someone you like on daytime TV
and one Late Night show maybe SNL or Leno

Here are the pros about this situation. Its out in the open and the Bounty that's on his head will be squash. Eliminating a frenzy.
2) It will allow him to get back in control from the TV will poo,poo out.

Now the cons will say he has and image and what about the role model thing...Folks get a grip. “Its time that if the image is there so...still a man, a woman with feet of clay.” Human...subject to fault. I agree with one wise man on PBS who stated: When are we going to stop holding people up for a human factor. Instead of their gift to play a sport or any other gift that they do well.

Your Still the greatest golfer to date

Christianity versus Buddhism

Religious Smackdown 2010: Buddhism Vs. Christianity "MORE ADVISE TO TIGER "
This morning, Brit Humes said on FOX news that you should convert to Christianity in order to save your soul. Now, I grew up in the Bible Belt. The church next to my childhood home is bigger than most high schools, and I was saved. I get it.

But as a current New Yorker and a budding Buddhist, I really believe you're on the right track. It's just that, Tiger, you seem to have forgotten a few things. For more ...see By Blair Hickman

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