Friday, January 22, 2010

Develop Design Destiny "Living with change"

LOG 3 01/22/2010
Control your life or be controlled, that's the question I state for myself. During these times of reevaluating your life. For a change, that which is inspiring and whole life living.
What's good, pure and harmonic within your spirit. What makes you joyful and how do you insure that the things that are good and joyful are in your destiny.
People are there for the most part. Every social class is wondering what the hell is going on. “CHANGE”
I'm sure many people feel as I feel. “what the heck is going on?” the Right wingers are divided into several groups. The Left is scattered between the days gone bye, and the new age of restoration. And there motto is...
Both sides are exclusive and sow the seeds of bitter fruit...but we need em
Then you have those people who go with the herd.
...and we all are in service to one of these LEGIONS...however
If your about creating your destiny in the positive, there is really no opposition. I don't have to prove any of this kind of thinking stuff.
Because that is what it is thinking stuff. It belongs to you and you will eventually create what you want and what you desire. Doing it is the work...and change of mindset and word implementers, (positive words)that create. “Takes Practice”
The sooner you start in the Now. The better the results, creating your destiny is not something that you acquired through osmosis, or getting a good education (but it helps) Or getting a good job. (but it helps) Having a good faith foundation and God fearing parents. All of these things vary from person to person. It is what it is, its the now that is important.
All of these goals and environment helps to get on a good foot, I do believe and have lived in creating your destiny. However, being competitive to the creative mind will hinder your development. Against having balance, harmony in your soul and you will not necessarily know. I believe a person can't go to a place they don't know exist.
This is not new stuff” you've heard this before its the practice that makes destiny development work. Wattles, Hill, Dyer and others have all put it
out unto the world. Forming clear mental pictures of the things and life you want takes practice and hard work. First and foremost you must do all that can be done each day, doing each separate thing in an efficient way. “That takes practice, persistence, and faith in you.”
You have heard it, and you have seen it. Or, better yet you may be a part and parcel to these factions. “I am creating harmony from all corners in my world.” Not conceding to the Right or to the Left not staying in the Herd but being in balance with whole person. (ddd) design, develop, destiny ...and to you be it real.

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