Friday, January 29, 2010

IPad and APPLE CORP RESTRICTS DRM- digital rights management

Happy Friday People's Whats on the forefront of consumer capitalism this happy friday, remember no single party is responsible for my well being. Edutainment, Education and Environment as well as Facts.

Over all FACTS... is what the world needs
I love technology, I love new things that make life more enjoyable with its creature comforts.

Which includes science and technology. *Providing they are not taking advantage of any man, woman or child.

"Its that Simple" Today software and your computer is what will connect you to information that will either free you or enslave you to the cycle of material consumption and stuff. Have you thought about the stuff you have throw away?

Example how many cell phones, computers and other electronics gadgets, that you owned and are no longer using.

Apples iPad is a great piece of technology but it goes against free expression in speech and essentially is monopolizing free involvement and expression. This is tough because many people enjoy these products, while other folks don't have a clue.

More information on the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and how you CAN support its cause. Simple to keep Corporations from monopolizing on the internet and information. If you think this is important. then... Please and thank you signed the Petition.

Also learn what DRM (Digital Rights Management) is and how it may affect your use of software and the internet.
DRM is used by Apple to restrict users' freedom in a variety of ways, including blocking installation of software that comes from anywhere except the official Application Store, and regulating every use of movies downloaded from iTunes.

Apple furthermore claims that circumventing these restrictions is a criminal offense, even for purposes that are permitted by copyright law.

The group is asking citizens to sign a petition calling on Steve
Jobs to remove DRM from Apple devices.
The petition can be found at:


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