Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So What Do You Do? Email warnings...and Vegetarians

So You Send A Message with URGENT several times and inform folks that they may receive several msgs.
How Urgent is Urgent the message said don't open anything with the following

1) Osama Bin Laden been capture..." That's funny" The MF, don't really exist for some people, others just accept what they hear or heard. Roughly, 85-92% of people don't read.

Is change needed yep! 50-55% of the adults in large metropolitan areas are illiterate, can't comprehend. While people play on Facebook and various other forms of social media. In the code of Codification is the Politics and Economics which dictates, along with the agents of religious doctrine plan of action working?...anyway back to the jist of the story

2) Don't open any mail that says invitation.

Ok! In case you did not get the chance here is Wallace D, PDF It's a MF Challenge, that right a challenge, a MF Challenge, "got waybals" Its a short read.

My challenge is to compare Notes at the end of the year. Jan 2011
1-Applying this model. 2-As soon as I have a group of eclec'ted, diversified, blend of men or women.
3-I'll post the news... Here's Wallace and spread the word. Wallace D, PDF

Also (this link will work)
Middle Brother Note!
When a part of your Blood dishonors..."What Do You Do?" just gave Al, the boot...why any one knows, why people are aberrant is beyond me. That's one good reason to eliminate money.

Da.., if your not familiar with FSF, which is the foundation, for keeping software free.
check it out if your not a member. I'd suggest you join. The more people can- link together as one voice. ESPECIALLY...

With simple solutions...things, in common, AND I BET A DOLLAR TO A DONUT...that's the majority of what people want. There is no argument about that fact. A lot can be accomplished, so check it out

I have been a change agent for over 20+, When you see winter coming and you don't batten down. Well' ya get what you prepared for. Good to excellent preparation and information has always increased the odds.
I can literally hear Franklin say "look at the ant ye ol sluggard" Look at the ant you stupid fuck!
in today talk...
"No Need Your Here Already"
In order for people to understand you ...for more go to my blogspot, If I'm Selling Anything It's Lifestyle... Since I'm volunteering my services, time and resources.

Volunteers ARE always wanted and welcome... Graze all you want through this blogspot, you will find no harm or profiteering, nor will I sell, your name or for a list. This thing, called the inter-net, has more advantages than most people realize. Take into account I have not heard the news about Apples' New Product possibly called the iTablet... but please keep in mind that i have...

My Thanks for your time also, Much gratitude to the people at GOOGLE they do no harm.
People Thing Its Always About The Money's not about the money it's about lifestyle. If you are seeking for change there is a wealth of information and cooperation, right here and right now.

Seriously speaking just knock... and the door is open. 2balls&acane

Are you thinking, if not, your stinking, and if your stinking, your dead meat.
"I'm just glad I'm a vegetarian"

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