Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Spirit and Life of an Entrepreneur

Spirit and Life of an Entrepreneur
What is an entrepreneur, and how do you know if you have the tenacity, mindset, spirit, as well as the ability, tools, resources and hutzpa of becoming an entrepreneur. First of all, an entrepreneurs, life and vision is not always in the 9 to 5, or 11 to 7, day of work and a JOB, its usually a 24/7 mental picture of the things he wants, and does, with faith and purpose, doing all that can be done each day, timely, prioritized, separate and in the most efficient way practiced or known.
Nothing beats a try, but a failure. The whole story in thought and reflection is you learn what worked, and what didn't. That information alone proves, and fulfills a path to success in describing a journey an entrepreneur, may travel.
First of all...for me an entrepreneur, is a person who seeks a path of the creative mind giving thought to the competitions values and methods for improvement. He or she knows, that sense of worth and focuses in on creating more value in return for that product or service offered. That's an entrepreneurs spirit, when the going gets tough if there in business, to succeed and they know what they are offering is of valued and is needed. “That's when you'll see entrepreneurs” and that's when you will see them work their experiential magic there are a number of individuals, who have demonstrated the character traits of an entrepreneurs, such as:
Successful Entrepreneurs
Sam Walton the creator of Wal Mart certainly has demonstrated the call of an entrepreneur. And there are a slew of stories of how the name Wal Mart became as famous as Coke a Cola. When Sam Walton was opening his 4th but his first non-franchised store. It was a turning point for Mr Walton. Sam, had a habit of always checking the competition and looking for good employees which one day turned up Willard Walker, a manager of the TG&Y variety store.1 Always the pioneer Walton did another usual thing at the time by offering Walker a percentage of the stores profit now known as profit sharing. Ray Kroc had the same philosophy and understood this principle for McDonald's. Giving more value in return for a product or a service. That's the entrepreneurial way. Where do entrepreneurs come from...
Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, they are the people who see the good in the idea and value in the method, versus the need, timing and benefit. Warren Buffet is that kind of entrepreneur, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, Earl Nightingale, Louise Hay, all these persons have demonstrated the entrepreneurial zeal and spirit of what and entrepreneur does, who they are, where they are and when they are ready to show benefit using creative mindset and service to a person, place or thing. Its not complicated its a passion.
Especially if you have a winning horse. Idea for a valid need, or service
Having what you think, believe, or have the faith, does not always guarantee a winning race. There is no greater lost than not winning a race in need. You painted that mental picture of the things you want, and you have done all the necessary things to do, with purpose, each day doing what can be done, separate and efficient in every manner. Even such a lost is not strange, or a failure to the person with entrepreneurial drive and vision. Having the stick-to it-ness, even in opposition of odds, empty words, and false starts. The Spirit of an entrepreneur, keeps applying his craft, with perfect practice 24/7 with passion, zeal and value. That's the spirit of an entrepreneur. Visionary, Creative Mind, with God Given Heart, and Seed, in Fulfilling Need and a Purpose.
That's the Spirit and Life of an Entrepreneur
1Excerpt: Biography of Sam Walton U.S. Business Journal

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