Sunday, January 17, 2010

What is and Alchemist

True Alchemist

Today people are really trying to identify with whats real, and whats false.

Simple, basic stuff. Thoughts running rampant, science facing facts with many people being critical and every person is and expert. Or claims to be!

True or false, and where is the damn relevance, the thing that is practical and how can I benefit.

How will I pay my bills...

Well the truth is when your in balance with that perfect way that which is being done and you will know and understand, not talking in code just the facts.

What's practical, smart and utilitarian in life and your sphere of influence.

Logic is not lost in this thought, equation, or stuff.

I have found what works best for me Adding the practical, simple and unhindered thought and sense and my first mind helps. The practical ideal of God and the Alchemist is to be in perfect balance ...that's the GOLD, or goal to finding your destiny.

A formula for and alchemist is turning that lead into gold that's all, that's it, that's the secret, or the law of attraction.

Dare not to be told, advised or stuck change is the key to understand you.

If you are in harmony with all around you, life, family, vocation, purpose and so forth. You will have peace ...

Why people do not follow this path is restitution. “I believe” Unconsciously they don't want to pay restitution

Its a debt that will have to be paid.

Here is and example...When a person who has done harm to others they will have to make restitution. It is a law I know of a story of many men who have abuse their honor as a Father and a parent and they suffered in life and in death.

To validate this reflect in your own life and goings on.

Ask for revelation and you will see.

This is the study of inner union, this is the alchemist turning lead into gold.

You can reflect, confer in your own life yours, they may be similar or different than my, or other peoples experience...the secret or key is at your balance, timing, sync, mantra, that's the gold.

For myself that's the balance, that's the kabala 1 Esoteric belief experiential.

A true alchemist works in perfect harmony according to law of his/her person, place or thing, who, what, when, where represents you, me, we, us and them.

Being in one and knowing the difference when your out of sync.

That is an alchemist, the gold, it is you in perfect harmony with self and the things, people, and your universe.

Knowing this in practice, is the art of creating your destiny.

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