Monday, February 01, 2010

Why A Worthless Servant

>>>>>>>LOG 8 01/31/2010


We are never the worthless servant for our deeds and words can come when we did not ask.

How we speak and affirm is important, for you will always be blessed when you have found your passion, mission or quest. “It's not a struggle” Your passion is yours

Each person is an original, and yet so different, its a thing of actions, reactions and stuff. “thinking stuff” When you are walking in your passion and true mountain is to high and no valley is to low its a creative mind that flows. In balance with all things and environment. The world, earth and motion is right where we placed it. “Like a toy of a child,” sometimes treasured sometimes abandon. I love the world I'm in, how can I begin to say no, no, no don't let my world go.

Build her up ...the jewel that she is and all the worlds people. If people say we are not one then they lied...and you bit and received the virus of the mind. And no servant of choice is worthless but humble as a steed... with forbearance, grace and gratitude to do the will and wise thing in the welfare and exposed destiny for the children of the world are all our babies.

We are all one World, one People, one Planet with a common goal. What ever your passion may be, give thanks to your Father, for the World today, and to those who live in this era of doing the right thing and the smart thing, in the united states and the world.

The wise man prepares for the worse but practices with strength and doing every thing efficient in every manner each day for the best. That's a servant that is humble, and worthy, but never worthless.




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