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Comment: New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement

Rebuttal: New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement ...query YouTube

Rewrite on a response to - Keith Thompson aka: DystopainAwakening

define dystopia (from the Ancient Greek δυσ-: bad-, ill- and τόπος: place, landscape) (alternatively, cacotopia,, or anti-utopia) The video NAITM is a 1-9 part on YouTube this a comment-You would have had to see the piece “To Understand”

As a person who has passion, for history, and of course facts...that are true... and that truth has been verified, witnessed, and supported orally.

A man who is wise and also, who understands that we will solve nothing by stating who has the right or who is right. “We, you, us, them all have a right, as well as a choice.” When It Comes To The Truth Accept or reject but question. The truth can and will bear the scrutiny when presented with the fact. No ifs', Ann's, or Butts...People really don't have clue or is it just me? When it comes to words...

And I do take a personal offense when I have been lied to and the truth has been twisted. “Especially”... To fit there own agenda. Personally, I don't see what (dystopian) see's... when it comes to the Zeitgeist Movement and its Addendum or its delivery. It is well organized and succinct in its presentation of events that have occurred within Our Nation and Our World. Tradition, mores, ethnicity...Which should bind us not divide. History shows, and continues to show War, and Religions are divisive and goes against the grain of united we stand for the common good not just for a few. In any case...

“No where does the Zeitgeist Addendum or its orientation suggest or infer 'a attitude in the negative regarding Christian peoples or their choice to believe in its dogma or doctrine.”

“It's Faith people not Fact” People must believe what they choose to believe if I don't believe that doctrine, dogma, creed. The truth can always be question and confirmed through logic and fact. Its a true science not hyperpoly...

It has been verified and proven by a number of sources who are known as world citizens ill respective of their belief or nationality or country.(1)

For one, we are indeed, one people, and one race, human (homo-sapient). As far as all the other esoteric constructs that have been presented they are (detours) separators and mind science of an error that is beneath the thought of a higher order man, woman or child. ...and
No the Zeitgeist Movement is not for the man who is closed to the ideals and benefits that science and technology gives to all peoples. That is a God Ideal or Universal Ideal.

Its Movement and the Venus Project concept, is to unite a Global Movement and Mindset for Change for every Man, Woman and Child and the Creatures, things it has custody of as one organism. (My interpretation) It is written as well as proven... (that) our Lord Jesus, never penned a phrase,...never gave birth to a child. It is also, written by his scribes... Greater works shall you do.

To understand and prevent the things that effect us Globally as well as locally is our problem.(2) If you look at the Governments of the World not just the US... “You will see” Actually, we are the problem when it comes to poverty not the man, woman or child that has been birth in that ignorance...and Jesus, is also quoted as saying that the poor will be with you always...however, he is also quoted as saying greater works shall you do. This lone statement is divisive but we can agree I do believe ...

Are not all the hills, valley's of the World, belong to Your Father, your, my, our creator ...are we not one people, and not one separate people?. If all the resources of the world belong to all the people of the World. Would we still have poverty, ill moral behavior, jails, and other aberrant behaviors that plague our Nations and the industrialized World?

Not just our little corner of North America but the World. In closing I want to thank Keith Thompson, aka: Dystopian, on his sincerity and his passion. Many have pursued avenues of passion...however, they were at times...sincerely wrong. "That's the beauty of history and fact"

Your presentation is based on a doctrine that perpetuates a competitive mindset of power, based on division, control and fear. History and Time-Lines are crystal clear. I should not have to debate nor to debunk your faith to know its divisive in nature.

The agendas and motive as I have found, seen and witnessed from tZM ( is for those who want to dis-associate themselves from the establish world order, that is closed to growth and the right to fulfill their true passion and purpose with 'a new attitude and responsibility. "My Words" 
The Zeitgeist is non Political but seeks social change on Global Scale
However, when ideas and mindsets that render a competitive or threaten a different faith or twisted truth-presentation, only to further their own creed of doctrine through and act of proselytizing, dogma or a faith... is what got the World in the place we are in Now. Which is demonstrated in your 9 Part Series “New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement”

If you think for a moment that Peter Joseph in all his fallacies as a human is under some degree to issue in the Anti-Christ or some World Order. I don't even know the man personally “That's A Stretch”

If it was about money... I'm sure he would be rich by now. “Of course if (Our Nation, World) we stay as we are we will get to go to heaven”

Sounds fantastic

(1) National Geographics/IBM Human Genographic Project Dr. Spencer Wells 2000
(2) Yes this is a form of proof texting. And it may be misinterpreted. Therefore it is the responsibility of the reader to question ...and so forth.


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