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DEVELOP and DESIGN DESTINY ”Trust in What To Do”

LOG 8 02/05/2010
Develop and Design DESTINY ”Trust in What To Do”
As some might know coming up was not always a piece of cake. The era of the late fifties and early sixties was a time of tremendous change. For some in America it was a time when the age of industrial manufacturing was king. This was a time when every pot in middle class America had a chicken and a car. Never mind the poor or Negroes they will be with us always. Civil Rights Issues, and the War in Vietnam began to rip the seam of Americas stable fabric. To use a phrase quoted “Why Can't We Just Get Along!” 1 Not to forget and mention the pioneers in computer science and the birth of individual spirituality. The age of universal consciousness is upon us all not just in America, but in the World.
It is, and was a rather exciting time. Then, and especially now, knowing what we have done individually as well as collectively. Believe it or not we have all that we need in order to set things right for 99% of the people in America and in the World. To find the exceptions would only prove the benefit and beauty of our diversity and talents within and without ourselves. What ever may be your higher order of consciousness...its' yours. Ownership is key to assistance and well being for every man woman and child. An it is an imperative that we secure and maintain quality for all persons in our objectives, goals and vision. No other phrase can be stated more exact ...Than We are the World!
And it is essential that we understand and work as one regardless of our belief and moral idioms of doctrine. Taking hold of the science of the mind and begin and acknowledge as well as understand that we are what we eat, breathed and think. This is not a revolution of mind science but a science of common sense. With that being said and these things mentioned, are simple solutions in helping each of us in insuring our existence and survival. Clearly, this list of common goals regardless of our individual faith, doctrine, belief tradition, religion, sexual orientation or traditions. Should not Divide Us... Of course this sounds like simple logic of a solution that has plagued men and nations for eons. “Is it to late?” Have we given in to the state of mind that like the orator and spirit of Jesus stated the poor will be with you always. If it can be conceived, and believed, it can be achieved.
So should it not be clear that we the men women and children of America and the World have one common goal? ... to have healthy food and by products, clean air free of contaminates, and water to survive and the right to pursue a passion for higher order thinking (education) of our kind and the things that insure our existence. What I have stated is not new, it is not some prophetic statement that will go down in time as words of wisdom. However, I have learned and know for a fact. That all things are made up of what is called thinking stuff and from this thinking stuff, all thinks are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, and fills, the interspaces of the universe. This thought, in this form of substance, produces the thing that is imaged by that original thought. Man has the power to form these things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance (vision), can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.
However, there is a caveat to this order of ushering this action of thought into being, merely thinking and writing is a step toward accomplishment but the key is action into passing from a plan of competitive thinking into and action plan of creative thinking. Forming a clear mental picture of the thing(s) he wants, and does, with in his faith and purpose, all that can be done each day, doing each separate thing in and efficient and effective manner known or practiced. I do believe that we can get along when we begin to realize that we are the world, that we are one race, the human race who have things in common. Only the thought of the of competitive thinking mind would prevent our overall collective association and cooperation as one. If you feel that thinking in this manner goes against your traditions, doctrine, faith, philosophy and so forth. Then you have failed in tapping into your creative mind, that literally and naturally is in harmony with all men. And there is a difference
Can You Trust In What You Do
1Phrased used by Rodney King in 1992 After his being beaten and Race Riots broke out in LA and other US cites.

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