Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Missing Link?

LOG 4 01/23/2010
Harmonize with the spirit, and the soul of a positive in your destiny, and get feed at the positive trough of interaction and positive affirmations, today, tomorrow, and until you leave this world.
Even if our collective goal appears to be Elusive or may sound in the minds eye... it can become a reality...GOD'S, ideal is in revealing a destiny. Interaction is Gods plan, it is imperative that you surround yourself with the people who will help you, and you will help them.
This type of thought could be dangerous if you are not aware of life and its goings and comings. God ideally puts people in your path for one or two reasons. To love, cherish and guide or vise versa. People are Gods plan and miracles happen through the interaction of a person.
I don't necessarily believe that if you think in the positive or in negative that you will have what you think. However, I do believe that you can have what you want if you work at it.
Designing, Developing Destiny, is a handful of practice sessions, bound for perfection. Are you up for the task?
This movement will only be as strong as our collective mind. Many in this movement I suspect will discount this mindset. Mainly due to a conditioning of the wrong God ideal. Its not an identity in a person but in a mindset and spirit that dwells in all that's my God ideal.
The Missing Link? YOU
posted 1/22/2010 tZM Global

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Interesting concept...and thought?