Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Passion Purpose

Develop and Design Destiny (ddd)Passion Purpose”

  • Passion is a strong feeling or, hunger, zest, even anger

  • Purpose an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned outcome. School, Wedding, Birth, Vocation and so forth
With passion and purpose you can go on and fulfill and discover or uncover the real you. It does not have to be just a dream “really” some people, have dubbed them as visions, others have called them mindsets. Truthfully speaking they are all the same thing. Similar... It goes with “as a man thinketh so is he” Its not a dream, its not happen stance, but doing the thing(s) that work. In you, and for you, in being balance, that's a key clue.

I do believe, in developing and designing destiny, with passion first and with a purpose. Always having and applying a 360 degree approach. Front, right, left and back. Its a seal in your fore-head,a connecting your spirit (man-hu),b and syncing the power of that (your) spirit, with the spirit of our universe (inner-spaces within), and (outer spaces) world. Reaching in as well as reaching out, creating that balance of passion and purpose in fulfilling your destiny. (Desires)

Some have termed this as Alchemy. A form of study of the inner union and workings of humans on the inside.1 In essence a higher order of thought. As in the spirit so in reality. A grasp... and an introduction to whole man thinking, balanced, true north, or higher order thinking. (HOT) Which for me... mean the same damn thing. Stuff, thinking stuff. “Its all thinking (within or without) stuff.”

This stuff I call higher order thinking or HOT. Which is a term I pick up when I was attending college (SIUC 97-98')2. There are three types of people I believe that attend colleges or universities. Those who want to get a good education and get a good job. Then you have the socialites who want to meet new folks and party, men and women. All of these reasons are valid to that person. “If the shoe fits wear it” However, I considered myself in the group that wanted to acquire wisdom and understanding in my education and to make a difference for all peoples.

Because, I knew if I acquired wisdom and got the understanding. I could develop and design destiny, at least my destiny and within my sphere of influence. I believe that the first step to fulfilling destiny is to develop a plan of action. One plan of action maybe to find someone that will help you see the same old things differently, or has the experience in helping individuals in developing such a plan.

Plan of Action (POA)
You cannot go where you have no known idea that it even exist. “duh” The reality is you can't go to a place that you don't even know exist. Unless something or someone exposes you to the thing, thought or idea.
You cannot go there...if you have no desire to create your destiny or that you have the power to do such a thing. Passion comes when you have been informed, exposed and know about destiny, life, purpose, goals. All of the things that fit with that passion of emotion. When you catch the knowledge of understanding, that you can plan your destiny. You will then desire and develop and design your destiny with purpose. What ever may be that quest or passion. A plan of action gives your passion purpose and a POA.
Many people believe as if the things that they know, others will know as well. “Makes Sense Right” That is not always the case. Even in the simplest of things. I'll stand by the fact, people cannot go where they have no idea that it even exists. Its a proven fact people do not learn or acquire knowledge and understanding through osmosis. Until a person has been made aware of a thing, idea, mindset, lifestyle and so on. They will not venture, most will stay in there place. Even when they have been exposed...Its comfortable, only when it becomes uncomfortable and a desire to changed becomes front and center. (significant emotional event) That's when you will have passion with purpose.

Until a person has been exposed into tapping into their destiny. With understanding that they can create there own destiny. Passion and purpose are words not necessarily with power. They will not always have what I call whole thinking in balance from the north, east, west, south of our universe of thought. About twenty years back this stuff would have been categorized without doubt as pseudo science. Still many will have no desire or even begin to understand the benefits of developing and designing your destiny. Many people subscribe to one mindset and stagnate purpose...”If God wants me to have it I will” Not realizing that you do have the power to develop, design your destiny with passion and purpose.

If you feel you can't go there ...Seek out the benefits of a subject matter expert who is not locked into making money. Although a workman is worthy of there hire... Find a passion filled coach/consultant, who operates on the creative dimension and not on the competitive dimension of doing business. When it comes to earning your business, for the creative coach/consultant, will insure that you have a clear mental picture of the things you want to accomplish.

Otherwise they will let you know that they cannot help with ... inspiring you with faith and purpose, insuring and encouraging you in doing all that can be done each day, doing things separately in balance and in the most efficient manner known or practiced. Every good coach/consultant knows that their success is built upon your success. Ultimately, they cannot succeed without you being vibrant and alive in the passion and purpose of fulfilling your destiny. With the practice and application of their craft and teaching, Passion with Purpose!

aSome have tagged this the pineal gland: A small gland located deep within in the brain. It is believed to secrete melatonin, and may therefore be part of the body's sleep-regulation apparatus.
bA term I use here in describing our species human.
1Alchemy:A medieval chemical philosophy having as its asserted aims the transmutation of base metals into gold. To hide the fact of study inside man and how they think and react. Modern medicine is the outcome of this medieval philosophy.
2SIUC Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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