Friday, February 05, 2010

A Soldiers Love SADE A message of Love Creative

LOG 8 02/05/2010

DESIGN AND DEVELOP DESTINY ”A Message of Love Creative” SADE new hit "A Soldiers Love"

Clearly the touchy and feel of the creative mind at its best from SADE She is exceptional and brings forth a soul who is committed to the force and blessings of kindred spirit and the creative mind of love, strength and peace. Her and her team have brought forth a thing of beauty. With its forces of iron sharpening iron not necessarily understanding the dynamic that connects them. That is the experiential in reaching for the known through the path of the unknown. I got the sense that ...they themselves are fascinated in awe of their collective and creative mind. Yet ...all the while Understanding the benefits and responsibilities that we all as a community can over come the odds through music and the creative mind. A monumental moment and a tribute to all who are Soldiers of Love...

I can do that with SADE because she causes you to dream and realize the good in the bad and missing it makes us feel more often than not ...sad. In any given situation whether your young or old. She brings forth and essence that is inside of us all. Knowing and feeling your pain in your own way. Because it belongs to you...and yes it can relate to some, if not maybe many. Ordinary struggles in a world are not always understood or understanding in your pain, Let alone someone else and there pain.

SADE has always brought the real and the magic of her craft. Masterful, and yet so relative to you, deep inside, the soul...and yes, down to the bone. Always a sound that comes from feeling the heart and soul of the creative from within to the outside and to you. If your searching to reach out or you just want to know and be entertained

There is a run down when she will be touring listed on her website and don't forget to hit me back with a word of encouragement on how you plan on taking advantage of the synergistic, energy of the creative mind in spirit and thought called SADE

thanks sweetie!

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