Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Right Wrong or Indifference

Let the chips fall...give it your all... write a destiny or right a destiny. Both are important...
A short quote; from a man of honor once told me and then he taught me
Play by your rules   and "Do No Harm" Which I later added.
Personally it was a way to tap into the spirit and mind of learning and development.
Are you in touch with you...the divine that resides in the innerspaces of the who am I...?
This frame of mind is a blend of consciousness that lives on many dimensions. Learning comes through the sense mechanism.
Simple things like the eyes, ears, nose, taste, touch. Life Long Learning is not new...but if your living in the passe'  a trend which fades into and era. rattail combs, gericurls, highboy collars...
However, if your interested into tapping into that lifestyle of wealth, love, joy and a mindset that endorses developing and designing a destiny that define you.  I know this could be shocking to hear this stuff.
Every bodies a teacher and a prophet on this or on that. "Which is true...there are many who present truth on the competitive realm".  The experience of learning and developed consciousness is not a step into the oh' la la. Believe it or not the stuff works when you put it into practice. Words have power...many people to day use them and really can't understand why things are not changing. Even though it would appear that they are doing the right things. If you need a cop.
"Call one..." but if you need someone to help channel you into the best and brightest you can stand. Get a Coach a SME (subject matter expert)...who has the experience and the know how.
Consultants and experts are a dime a dozen. I would be the first to admit. Every Consultant or Coach should give you a 1 Hour Trial with a no-charge, even if their fee is a premium.
First of all they may be all that and a bag of chips...hell they may even have and A List of clients. Although that adds credibility but not always satisfaction. This is the age of new beginnings.
This wave of change is just a universal understanding that nothing and no one should stay the same. Unless you are progressing (positive outcomes)in any business, skill, craft or trade, you are starting to stink... You have a desire to change just don't know how...Seek out a change agent, a coach, a consultant. Read or listen to audio books, look at PBS but get a grip before its to late. Your future your destiny...
Knowing something is not always growing in that thing, mindset or lifestyle. Being conscious is not always being in the spirit or in the harmony of the "Who Am I' It's not defined by your Job unless thats your priority. What will it be when you can no longer operate in that capacity?
This thought of thinking will allow you to be the director. And where you want to go, and how you plan or getting there. WoW, understand the dynamics of developing and action plan ...even if it never comes to bare fruit. It's a step in the right direction. A coach can help you get there...Today there is no excuse and not only is it a growing trend. Its also a Higher Order of Thinking.
Right Wrong or Indifferent.

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