Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Brief Moment to Steal Away To Clear the Air

Develop Design Destiny
A brief moment to steal away and write something dear and near with an emotional twinch, (feeling) sort of speak.

It's called clear the Air!
Almost everyone I do believe... wants affection and time with some one special, its natural, what ever the orientation. 
Its the spirit/soul attraction in us all collectively that can fill the spirit with love hope and optimism. 
To us all, in us all, and for us all “I do believe”
That is what I want, an that is what I'm attracted to, in you, is it none available and showing. In me 
Or are you hiding within the game of hide and seek?

Peeking in the corner like a child
at play for ever learning
wondering off into the night the sky
wow! I love to play don't you!

It's a fabulous day let us not despair, for the power of love continuously flows throughout the air.
“I wonder though do you have a cold?”

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