Monday, July 05, 2010

Develop Design Destiny "Is Our System Democratic?

I always believe that what was being said had truth. When it came to our leaders and politicians on the National as well as the Federal level. Even though I thought Politicians and the Leaders who represented me in Congress and the other two branches of Government were looking out for me and my family and people like me.

Even though there appeared evidence of a difference. It is what it is ... so As we all enjoy our time off from work and celebrate the Founding of a Nation, on this 4th of July... "That is if you have a JOB." I'd like to focus in on and call your attention to Our Collective overall quality of life. As I have become older, I fail to see a clear light of positive progression in America. Especially the States that have a high rate of illiteracy and have no set structure or plan to combat this dilemma.  Although, I do believe we are fortunate to have a man of honor and integrity as the 44th President of these united states.

However, he is only one person and unfortunately he can do but so much without jeopardizing his self, family and legacy (Which is another Topic) I do believe. I feel perplexed with caution to even elaborate. For the true keepers of our democracy are not the men women and children it should serve. But a kind that keeps progress stagnated in order to control the masses through a pattern of cyclical consumerism that fills the coffers of this corporatocracy 1) an oligarchical 2) system of slavery. We the American people individually and collectively have allowed this behavior to perpetuate through out our land. Which reminds me of song that was written by Woody Guthrie and sang often and popularized by Pete Seeger "This Land is your Land"

I say this with no empirical evidence or proof. But if a study was commissioned to survey the men and women who have serve in the Military. Proof positive... I'm sure would show that they enlisted because there were few if any opportunities available. To progress!  From 1974 till 2004 which clearly shows that men and women who have a choice (Who are not Poor!) don't have to serve there nation. Which more can be said about the men and women who serve within our military do so not because they are patriotic but because its the best economic game for gain going with little to know incurred debt. Except your life... I on the order hand have been fortunate and I am also grateful for my service and the opportunities it led too. But I am fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to know that there are alternatives available. Today but few are aware of them. See Video 

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reference: supporter and contributor.
 1)  Corporatocracy, in social theories that focus on conflicts and opposing interests within society, denotes a system of government that serves the interest of, and may de facto be run by, corporations and involves ties between government and business. where corporations, conglomerates, and/or government entities with private components, control the direction and governance of a country, including carrying out economic planning notwithstanding the 'free market' label.[1]

2) (Politics, Book I.) The exchange ratio he defined was not only the ... oligarchical/plutocratic tendencies within the polities of Western democracies

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