Friday, July 23, 2010

The Un America Committee's

Develop Design Destiny “The American 1st Amendment”
Our U.S. Constitution gives us privilege whether we use it or not. Whether we vote or use the privilege is our right. It should be considered a responsibility and people should be held accountable. However, that is the beauty of our Nation and our Constitutional Laws. Although “I do believe” It is up to the elected officials whom ever they may be or what ever there political affiliation has and obligation to insure that each U.S. Citizen or constituent exercises their right to free speech and all. Even if that person does not vote or did not vote for that elected representative. To act any other way would be unAmerican
The First Amendment Right of Law gives us a justification and a basis to air our grievances and a right for redress. Even if it defames the Highest Office in Our Nation.  This Right and privilege is protected by the Constitution however, I do believe that any person who does defame or bad mouth the branches of their Government does this unto themselves. And in my opinion is nothing more than a saboteur not an American. If you love America like you say you do why would you Bad Mouth, the Office Holder... your words are that of a Chicken Hawk you would not defame its virtues and offices for lucre, money and recognition from the race baters.  "Or Would You?" or is it Media Attention.

America ...No matter its faults and short-comings. We are in this thing together pass or fail we are all the way or not at all. Knowing ...Always, and bowing to pluralism and religious beliefs. “Simply because it protects us all.” What is a man without his or her faith. "Judge not Least you will be judged" America was born from diversity and difference, not just Christian Creeds. Among the things that are not Constitutional or Religiously based have little baring on our commonalities and playing to the best for our Nation and Our people. “Here is an example if you hear someone talk bad about there mate” They are unhappy and in many cases they are talking bad about them selves.
Any man or woman in my belief who defames his mate or (higher) authority is out of sync with his self and with his creative spirit. Is there a connection between race or plain ole hatred because of a party or belief or is it for narrow minded thinkers who want to control people for what they can get out of them. Is it the American way to see how many toys and wealth you can accumulate. Or how many people you can keep divided? Toys and wealth means people and control. “I do believe” If you call someone a Nazi or a Socialist you better be willing to prove it. With some facts. Not speculation and grey area rhetoric. To do otherwise is a saboteur and a divider for some malicious purpose in actually its really being  un-American. And that's as wholesome as Apple pie, especially when it comes to people who are saboteurs and carry on in behaviors un-American. "Are we united we stand or divide we fall?" 

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