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Let It Be A Drag On Christmas Amazon PayPal and Visa

Let It Be A Drag On Christmas
In the age of darkness we have evolved and now that the genie is out of the box. (Who would have ever thunk it!) The Captains of Industry and Governments can't put it back in the box. I would not be surprise to see a SNL segment about the whole ordeal. Chap, BOILS the bloodypot over on Governmental secrets Also, back in the day or as some would say the good ole days. We would have collectively come together and placed Brother Assange, on the stake for being a Warlock of magic white or black it would not have made any difference. Is that what Governments, and Industry is doing to Julian. Assange, and Wikileaks...If the Industries and the Governments can't accept the fact that those who are most educated, wealthy in economics and industry with what the world calls the best of everything. Which I have no complaints about. Should be transparent in there dealings when it comes to the people of the World whether right, left, male, female. We are one symbiotic race, unit and any person who has half a brain would realize that fact. Because without clean water to drink your ass is dead.

Common as this may sound or as simple as it is we need air that we can breath with out the effects of pollution. The land that we grow our food and raise our animals, pets and children on is also a common thing we need and have a right too. Assange just brought the inevitable into the open. A black writing on white paper that even though people hear and some may read about it, the majority of people will not have a clue or know how it affects them personally. Frankly the majority don't give a damn Because there trying to keep a roof over there head and keep there children off of drugs and safe. On the other side of thought, many know that we have been coming into the light out of darkness for some time. No longer will information be suppressed. Especially as it were during the so-called cold war error. We would have boo-hooed Wiki&itsLeaks for going to the depths and creating these deep pools of information. Public opinion is still out and of course government and industry is rallying the wagons to take Assange down. I'm skeptical regarding the rape charges. I just hope he (J Assange) built in the take me down if you want... but (I hope) there are 3-4 protege's to take his place. Mainly, because it seems like there is a War against the peoples who continue to sell out America. Or who want to free America and the World. Or is this maybe a modern colonization-thing that is being implemented, which seems or is at work through such agencies as the IMF and WB portals of control. And of course Interpol is the enforcer. I do hope I'm wrong and this is all a figment of my imagination. RIGHT

In 73' I seen my city and nation that I lived in was starting or at least appeared to me at the time to turn. The revolution was not televised and most of us faded into growing and falling in love and having babies. The normal stuff; this was around the time when industry and Corporate titans and Governments slowed down capitalistic control and open up the ceiling at least to Black men, and other Peoples who benefited from the Civil Rights Revolution. Which by the way pioneered the way for many around the world for human and Social Rights. Nothing that I have read, found or expect to find regarding Wiki-done-Leaked has a preconceived motive in the information that it has released or been released, except personal embarrassment to countries and officials/agencies in the diplomatic channels. Which expose side dealings or cover-ups. Assange is just helping with Government, and Titans of Industry (uaually-not-elected) with their transparency issues. You' would be a damn fool to not know that they are going on. And in these times (yes I do believe) there is a need for sensitivity. If as a person who subscribes to the ideals of my allegiance and service no matter what something few of us should have to live with as an American and also as a World citizen. “Telling the Lies” or disguising the lies...Our role is clear as Americans and as World Citizens we all have “I do believe” a responsibility to bring freedom and justice to all peoples. Slave or Free at no expense of sacrifice of life or of a persons liberty.

Most of us are slaves, to a wretched economy that works for a few, lets face it we have to provide for ourselves and our families. Many of us are not able to provide or participate mainly because we can't put this security at stake. We are afraid, I don't want to lose my Job, want will I is some advise start preparing now. I also, am grateful and glad that the men, women and children that Boycotted the Birmingham Bus Company were willing to put there Job and safety on the line against segregation. “Boycott Amazon, PayPal, Visa” Until Wiki-done-Leaked gets reinstated.

Creating or taking on this mantra is not something that people aspire too or seek. Being a change agent is not easy nor is it readily acceptable in the real world. It goes against our standards, fears and control. Nixon and J Edgar Hoover were controlling the circles and had records on everyone who appeared or was deemed a threat this was there mode of operation and way of life. Look at us now. Forecast after forecast, prediction and science sounded the alarm. Change, change change Rather than leaders make the right decision for all people they allowed what Dwight D. Eisenhower, warned us about and to be weary of the Military Industrialized machine that will take captive your young. Either we stand up and take a chance on doing what's right, in creating a global community that works together or else we will die from being bombarded with War and conflicts that effects us all. Even thought the majority of people in America and the other Nations that are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unless they personally have a love one over there serving ...they usually don't give these Wars a thought. All or most of the leaks are around Countries, Nations or diplomats who have in some form or manner not been acting in a equitable manner. “Illegal” yes and two wrongs don't make a right. How does this exonerate Assange? It does not nor is this about siding with anyone or a movement unless... it benefits us all. And it would be a dark day for, PayPal as well as Visa if we let them know that do to there behavior in pulling the plug on a source of getting a balance on information. I will not do any business with these companies Amazon, PayPal, and Visa and any other Company that limits or pulls the plug on WikiLeaks. So let this info go forth and bring a Drag on Christmas. And commit to doing No Business or Transactions with
them until they restore WikiLeaks.

Just for information ...I do business with these people and frankly I give a damn and Assange could be you? Are you willing...write the paper or petition I'll sign it. Of course now is the time for Facebook, Twitter and Google to take over the Nettu-Neter. Also we still have MasterCard, American Express and Discover on the scene. Stay tuned if you want to make a protest or just a stand against Corporate and Government dominance if that's what it is. If its not keep this stuff open. Write a letter or sign onto a petition. In the 70's there may have not been a televised revolution. In 2010 the revolution is Now. So Let It Be! Let this Boycott be a Drag on the Amazon, PayPal and Visa.

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