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Why A Leaderless Revolution is required

Why A Leader-Less Revolution ...is required
It is important that the people of the World and especially the U.S. Understand the dynamics and many reasons as to why the Revolution should remain Leader-less. Absolutely, there should and can be spokespersons or key coordinators when it comes to conveying a universal message to the peoples of the World. The above link from Metanoia Films has chronicled, a small part of and unorganized but yet group of persons who control the Corporate corridors of the world and its resources. “Which is no secret” This evidence and knowledge is present front and center.

Because it will take the people of the World to unite as one in order for our World to change. That is why the peoples revolution is and should remain leaderless.

History shows that one man or woman cannot and should not lead this non-violent and peaceful change within our Nation and within our World. At first sight to the minds-eye this may seem to be ridiculous or silly. Or Altruistic in nature and scope...I use those words because that is what the average person would think. “Because that is what we are led to believe as truth” Some times disguise as a wolf in sheep's clothing. Deception and division is the tool of this somewhat illusive force that controls penetrates, permeates the minds of some men. These men-women seem to be the major Corporations, Corporatocracies of the World. It is not mere speculation or happenstance that these forces which dominate this symbiotic connection that we all have and are connected too as human. Not Race, Religion, or traditions which are archaic ideas that we have allowed because of traditions, religion and race, these are tools used in conditioning ...called root causes and factors, which contribute to this mindset. At current our World, planet earth is in flux and change as to what is happening. The films that I am suggesting explains how those who were given the privilege and task to organize and study the behavior, production of our World's resources and labor in human engineering and labor production.

All of this is centered on one item which is the thing we call money, as many have stated and written that money is the root of all evil. For me to use a parable when in Rome do as the Romans do. “Speaks volumes...Money has always been a tool and a resource and is to be used in order for the world's people to use as a form of comfort, not a form of slavery and dominance as it is used and promoted today. Through the apparatus built and permeated and penetrated through a system design that conditions our perplex and collective dilemmas. It is high time for a leader-less revolution for our global and our own history shows. That the powerful forces of the this now leader-less dominance called corporatocracy and its related derivatives. Surely, has a hold on the U.S. ...and the World.

Men are the reasons that we have these dilemmas for they have in there hands and within our world today. Whether, they were given or earned it through the corporate, industry, or entrepreneurial corridors of America or the World. Or by divine right, or by class or privileged. We are all connected through the same needs and wants when it comes to that and the resources that sustain us. “For that there should be no argument.” However, the ideas that divides the U.S. As well as the World. Are the ideas that support and thrive on War, Religion and Race for most. Although, they be disguised through language or symbols or other catalyst, systems of design. Such as politics, traditions or faith. They all originated from thought, thinking stuff...these things were birth out of thought...and married to a form of science and faith that controls and separates our unification and collectivity. Ideas, which give into more thought and subjective illusions that support a competitive mindset and behavior. Which is in direct opposition to a creative mindset and behavior.

For it is all thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the inner-spaces of the universe. Which is freely given to those who can receive or have taken of this quest consciously, or sub-consciously. “For we are the World, we are the people who can make a better way and a better day as the lyrics of this song projects and promotes.” That is why if we the people of the world are going to put down this aberrant behavior which forces men and others to becoming tyrants or what may be called Corportocracy, plutocracy, elitism, monarchy or any other form of control from a divine right or privilege view of meritocracy.

All of these things come and are derived from one thing and one thing only and that is called thinking stuff. Because men can form things in his/her thoughts, and by impressing his/her thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he/she thinks about to be created. We are the only species upon this jewel called earth who can do that whether we are the only ones, within this thing we call the universe. Whether we are the only species/human that exist is not known nor is it or should it be and issue to content with. In this World today men and women have created systems that will enhance and compliment our kind in every way. However, many have used and have continuously dominated the peoples of the world based on and illusion, named as privilege or divine right. It is time to arrest this thought and put it in check collectively. Not by one man or one woman, but by a revolution of the mind into the enlightenment of a one world that values all. That is why I do believe this revolution should and must be leader-less. But collectively sharing which is possible with the things and the machines that we have created for the benefit of mankind and the human race. “Not the divine right or privilege few” which at this time dominate and control the Worlds resources. For this reason alone is why if there is to be a revolution it must remain leaderless and organized by the many. “Is this possible or realistic” Only you the reader can answer and support that view. For the power lives and dwells in you...not the privilege few or the divine right.

"When you want to unite the World there is no belief in War, Religion or Race"
These are the ideals and thoughts that divide us, yesterday, today and maybe tomorrow. For in this thought there is no teacher, guru, or other spiritual guide. You are the One, you are the teacher, the student, guru or other spiritual guide.

Note to...Whom Ever It May Concern
if you agree please pass them on as I have done they are for your enlightenment and edification



Thank you for all that you do and for that I am most grateful! - Remember a slogan when in Rome do as the Romans do.
Our enemy is in many cases the enemy within not specifically flesh and blood, nor powers or principalities that dwell in high places. But a mindset and behavior that came out of the competitive mind. Not the creative mindset that is within us all. When we begin to think and be the change we want in the world it "I do believe" will occur!

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