Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Have to be the Light

This is no secret but it is not always known. If it were well known more people would be practicing this mindset and philosophy. Also, many people believe that it is not due to the nature and selfish behavior often exhibited by privilege folk. Mainly the top 10% Granted, this may be a rational explanation as to why

That's all in your hands. That is if you are concerned about the world tomorrow. This is the stuff that does not really make dollars or in many cases a living. You have to figure it out. One clue it is not in the competitive realm. For a better insight as to how to capture the creative spirit read Wallace D. Wattles.

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Carter said...

Is it Christ consciousness that we seek when we become or commit to Christianity? Moslem/Muslim, Judaism/Orthodox or in name only, Buddhism which is not a religion. For concept and practice check out the PBS Siddharta Story of the Buddha. Which will summarize the philosophy of Buddhism. Being in harmony with the inner self as well as your outer self is important. Most folks have not been taught or practice looking within.