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Peace and the Dalai Lama

Our current Dalai Lama is a high lama in the Gelug or "Yellow Hat" branch of Tibetan Buddhism. The name is a combination of the Mongolian word далай (dalai) meaning "Ocean" and the Tibetan word བླ་མ་ bla-ma (with a silent "b") meaning "chief, high priest you think that the Dalai Lama is for Peace and can be called ours? and is there a...

Need To Know
Ours...because not only is the (Dalai Lama), dedicated too his traditions, mores, and ways, but also to world peace. 'I do believe My view and comments are not and endorsement for the faith or belief in Buddhism, but the belief in Peace not War. As a thought, if all our religious, spiritual, ministers, rabbi's, imam's, popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, priestess, prophets, and prophetess practice, live and begin to usher us (Americans and people in the World) into the ways of peace and harmony. How much War, and Military equipment would we need to have, manufactured or purchased? If 'We the people in America, as well as in the World thought in this way who would we fight and War against. I wonder' first of all...

Why Should We
Continue in the ways that only profit and promote the manufactures of durable goods, equipment and armament, that create maim and destroy our race. It is estimated that the U.S. Government will spent upwards to 57 billion dollars, to help care and rehabilitate Veterans who have been wounded, from the Iraqi and Afghanistan Wars alone. Not to mention those who have died. If the Dalai Lama, Popes of both Orthodox and Roman Catholic faith declared war on War itself, as well as the other super powers of this planet earth. What would happen if they (collectively) requested all of us within that faith and belief were encouraged too 'Get Up and Stand Up' that is to Stand up for the right to have Peace not War Remember, as far as I know there is not another planet earth waiting on the sidelines with and option when we destroy this one. So I wonder are both of these beliefs and actions a racket

Is Religion A Racket-Is War A Racket
If you've wondered as I have after doing some reading, as well as being a member of the U.S. Armed Forces for more than 20 years. As well as the chance to go to war and yes I have seen, experienced others (brothers and sisters) who have been maimed, dead walking alive, sociological and psychologically impaired in the mind due to War. So there are two ways a man can go towards ...what he knows and the fear of change or something new or better. Which can be mere speculation or altruistic in thinking, would the Dalai Lama and other religious, spiritual and faith gurus, of today agree to what I am proposing. 'A Declaration of Peace 'I know that Jiddu Krishnamurti would agree. For (40) forty years or more 'Krishnamurti, appealed to the United Nations leaders and diplomats of the World. And reminded the (our) World Leaders, about there unending, and senseless Wars. Can peace be as profitable as War

The Promotional Peace Appeal
I can't really say that I know making Peace as oppose to War is a new idea. My question is how do you on a personal level feel about gathering all (with no exceptions), our collective faith, religious, spiritual leadership, whether closed minded or free in thinking, in belief and traditions. To declare, demonstrate and live in the ways of harmony and peace. First of all promoting and commanding a Worldwide Peace declaration appeal to America and the World. Of course many would or may say, this has been done and proposed. So is this thought and appeal being altruistic, and frivolous. For even thinking up some shit like this. To get all the faith, spiritual and religions to command peace and to demand peace through issuing a Peace Declaration. Jacque Fresco of the Venus project made a comment that conjure up this thought for me. Mr Fresco stated that if just the estimated 1 880,000 Roman Catholics alone began to demonstrate and declare a peace appeal. I believe alone, would generate not only buzz but results. However...

Hypocrisy Prevails ...
We are earthlings, humans and a race of people who have failed to live in a higher order of thinking obviously. We in America have and are promoted as one of the greatest democracy within this World. Many American Catholics, Protestants and Non-denominational people make up over half of the population and have been giving lip service to this Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. Is it being hypocritical, as well as promoting this farce with just lip service, and have truly failed to take any action it seems. Is this due to the chains of consumer capitalist bondage that we desire, and submit too?

Is it possible for the U.S. faith, religious and spiritual communities to agree on a Peace Compact or Declaration. As opposed to a War declaration agenda? That is what many of us within America have promoted, by saying nothing that opposes War. I do believe that the majority of leaders such as the Dalai Lama, and others who can come together in one accord and begin to promote Peace. Things would change I do believe... if given the support as oppose to a War agenda. So why don't we do just that with a Compact and Declaration for Peace. If more religious, faith and spiritual leaders participated in the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement and began to declare Peace in conjunction with the wealth disparities there would be a change and more participation 'I do believe as well. So is religion also a racket that is aligned with the Corporatocracies, Plutocrats and and Politicians?

Carter, Irvin, is an essayist, and humanist, who writes about his personal observations, experiences and image-perception. Also, dialogs on how we can make it better. For all of us, not just a privilege few. Carter; is a a member of the Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia and has been transformed by renewing his mind for all men and women of our kind instead of the imagination realm, that bears a false witness. Comment here... icjr and amphilos' email:

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