Sunday, November 29, 2015

ideas somewhat revolutionary!

Revolutionary ideas that will change tomorrow ... Assange sits down with 3 other Cyper-punks and talk! "listen"

American ideas, ideals, in a changed and continuous changing world, hopefully to a better place. When it comes to the truth in the world it calls for a separate line of defense. If Governments cannot keep people safe then who, what and where shall it arise. To a free and open press...more especially too those who serve and continue to serve our republic, system and way of life! Many would say and call Assange, Snowden, and the like as a traitor. I would they are if you are on a side that wheels the power in there respective governments. 'democracy is the vehicle we use to spread equality through a republic such as America. Not to say this invention in which we call on the pen, wit and intellect of the men who set us on this mission. Such as Paine, Madison, Jefferson as a few and the sincerity in relations Ben Franklin. Is this thing 'democracy set upon a republic going to fall apart do to its inability to compromise or work in understanding?

Only, these are the facts upon which they built this house called 'a Republic and so shall we fault or lose this gift to humanity because of an ideology or other point of view? The US Constitution is as close to a perfect balance as we have in earth today! Of course I am bias and prejudicial to a fault. However, I hope that the 'democracy in this republic by the people and for the people idea will continue flourish. It is known in today's world as oppose to the world of yester-years, and since the founding of a nation. We have a key to a world of free-speech, and plurality and not since the days of the Saraseans;id=1077
the link upon shows a brief history of our progress in migrating onto the world stage. Which indeed is a journey of a dance!

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